About Mundy Creative Services

Modern technology has dramatically changed how we communicate and visualize our living spaces. Not too long ago, creative space designers tried to communicate their idea the best they could, and clients were surprised by the results, sadly not in a good way at times. Now, we have 3D / Virtual tools to communicate with clients before they build or purchase!

Think about your favorite TV network design program… have you seen a host of the show use 3D animation to illustrate to the homeowners how their tired old space can be transformed? Old finishes disappear and are replaced by new cabinets, counters, windows, etc. in a dramatically improved layout!

At Mundy Creative Services we make full use of 3D technology to work with home owners, contractors and real estate agents. Residential remodel projects start with a 3D scan of the interior and drone scan of the exterior. These scans are valuable tools in accurately capturing the existing structure and assist in providing a set of concise construction drawings that reflect the impact of modifications to the existing structure.

Through the design process we are able to make your design come to life using our state of the art software. In addition to typical plans and elevations, we are able to provide 3D renderings and a virtual tour of your future space.

For real estate agents, a 3D scan / virtual tour is a powerful sales tool in attracting potential buyers. Instead of scheduling a quick walk-thru, buyers can explore a home from the leisure of their computer or mobile device anytime day or night!

Although we work with many types of clients, our specialty is residential design projects, including minor renovations, major remodel/additions, and custom homes. We love to take your dream and turn it into a reality, virtual or otherwise!

Whether you are a homeowner needing professional design assistance, a building contractor in need of continued design services, or a real estate agent attracting potential buyers, Mundy Creative Services is here to assist you!

Jason Mundy, Assoc AIA

Jason has designed and developed numerous residential projects for over 25 years. He specializes in turning homeowner’s dreams into reality. Whether it be as simple as re-configuring a bathroom to better utilize the space -to- luxury custom homes and everywhere in between. Each project is unique because of site / budget constraints, zoning requirements and client wishes, therefore each project requires a unique solution.

Jason started in residential construction working for his family construction business. He enjoyed that hands-on experience, yet his heart was in design, so he went to school. After completing his schooling he continued working in the family business designing and managing projects.

In 2000 he decided to design full time and start his own business. Since that time he has won several awards for his designs and construction documents.

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